Activities & Events

Events and Seminars

Participating in Teaching Design for Values Workshop
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft

Game.Play.Design: Values at Play
International 3-week MA course at Aarhus University where 40 students from different disciplines and universities worked in groups to explore how value sensitive design and the values at play framework might enable them to develop innovative designs for Dokk1 in Aarhus, its children, youngsters, parents, visitors and future users. 8 groups created 8 different game designs and technological playgrounds working with the values at Dokk1 and its stakeholders.

Designmesse @ Dokk1O
Master students in Experience economy at Aarhus University exhibit their semester projects in design. The projects focus on value-sensitive design in the south part of the harbour of Aarhus, an urban area in heavy transformation. The projects run in collaboration with Kulbroens venner.

Open research webinar
International webinar exploring value sensitive design in education among other topics, and hosted by MA students in ICT-based Educational Design at Aarhus University

Human Value in Design
Lecture: Teaching Values in Design: The VASE project
Eindhoven University of Technology

(Dis)Empowering Technologies
Panel at SummerPiT on Value Sensitive Design
Aarhus University

Transnational Project Meetings

Transnational Project Meeting # 4
Malmö University

Transnational Project Meeting # 3
Aarhus University

Transnational Project Meeting # 2 
University of Göteborg

Transnational Project Meeting # 1
Eindhoven University of Technology