Project outputs

Output 1: Teaching resources (Materials, activities and modules)
A set of teaching materials, activities and modules for teaching value-sensitive design approaches to students at design, and development programmes at university levels. The teaching resources developed will be pilot tested by teachers and students at each partner organisation.

Output 2: Report 1
The report will present and analyse the current status of research, innovative practices and best practices on value-sensitive design, and the teaching of value-sensitive design, and how it is being assessed.

Output 3: Evaluation and assessment activities and criteria
A set of formative and summative evaluation and assessment activities and criteria connected to the teaching materials, activities and modules developed.

Output 4: Report 2
A report on the evaluation of the pilot tests involving teachers and students at the partner organisation.

Output 5: Communication strategy
A communication strategy aimed at identifying sustainable pathways for dissemination and sharing of project results during and after the project period.

Output 6: Open Educational Resource (OER)
The teaching resources developed will be packaged as an Open Educational Resource (OER), and made freely accessible online for teachers (and potential others) that are interested in teaching the topic.

Output 7: Report 3
A transferability and sustainability report building on content of the two previous Reports 1-2, including a comprehensive final analysis of all project results achieved.

Final event: Seminar on teaching Value Sensitive Design approaches in Higher Education
A seminar for teachers to take part of the project results, for knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas and good practices.